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Big Idea Mastermind

What Is Big Idea Mastermind?

If you are like a lot of other ambitious individuals across the globe, you have tried to quit your day job and make money at home. While there are a lot of different ways to earn a steady income from home, the truth is that over 98 percent of people who try to achieve success through and quickly fail. Why is this? In many cases it is because people do not know how to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer in order to grow their business and start seeing profits. If you want to be one of the small percentage of people who overcome this obstacle and see profits you have never dreamed possible from your home business, you need to take a look at Big Idea Mastermind. Big Idea Mastermind consists of a group of profit driven professionals who are making big profits through network marketing. Couple this with a state of the art automated marketing system, and you will soon start to see an income source sitting comfortably in the four digit range. Our professionals will tell you exactly what to do, but it is then up to you to follow the steps. If you follow them, you will see big profits. Our high success rate proves this. Join Big Idea Mastermind

vick strizheus

The Creator of BIM

Big Idea Mastermind was created by Vick Strizheus, a proven achiever in the world of network marketing. It combines many of valuable products found in the Empower Network with professional marketing strategies that Strizheus himself uses every day.

Guidance and Tools

This system essentially works as a plug in system on your site. This plug in will handle many of your sales tasks in an automated way, and your job is to then drive traffic to the landing page on your site. In doing this, you won’t be alone. The professionals will continue to guide you through the process of bringing in new customers, offering thorough training and ongoing support as you need it. Separate trainings are available in various areas to help you target your individual needs and tweak a system that is most effective for your business’ success. While Big Idea Mastermind provides all the tools you need in order to see success, for individuals who are full of excuses and constantly come up with their own creative obstacles to avoid making money, this system likely will not work. The goal of the system is to attract people who are motivated to make money through online network marketing and ready to do the work it takes to achieve success. The best way to approach any obstacles you might find is to view them as motivating factors for success, rather than reasons why you cannot accomplish your goal. By doing this, you will start out with the right frame of mind, allowing the tools of BIM to really help you to see the income you have always dreamed of. You might now be asking yourself how to get started with Big Idea Mastermind. Essentially, you need to make an investment of at least twenty five dollars into the program in order to achieve membership. With that twenty five dollar investment, you will receive The Empower Network blogging platform, the automated marketing system, coaching and various other training tools. The basic system will allow you to make approximately $5,000 per month income, and it can be a good place to begin.


For those who are motivated to make more, four additional levels of entry are available. Each offers an increased amount of support, and with each level, your earning potential increases significantly. If you choose to enter into the highest level, Diamond, your income capabilities increase to approximately $250,000 per month, easily allowing you to reap more than your investment in less than a month. Big Idea Mastermind is an innovative program that is popular among network marketing professional across the globe. This program is offering everyday individuals like you the opportunity to see great success through their own online ventures. By taking the educational part of this program seriously and investing time in your own online business, you can see your income quickly climb to one that nets you hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.


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